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   Casting aluminium bronze AB1 at 1100°c

  The process

'Sand Casting' is the simplest method of casting, by pouring molten metal into a sand mould this process is chosen for the production of large and small numbers of castings, for complex shape castings requiring intricate cores and for large castings.

The basic process consists of:

Producing a drawing or model of the required component.

Making a pattern either, loose single, or multiple impression plated patterns for larger quantities.

Making coreboxes/cores to produce intricate or internal details if required.

Make sand moulds with either rammed 'greensand' or 'resin bonded sand', adding sprues and risers where required by design.

Part mould and remove patterns, insert sand cores in designated position.

Re-assemble mould.

'Casting' by pouring in the molten metal and allowing it to solidify.

Breaking open the mould and extracting the casting

Cutting off the sprues and risers and finishing the castings by grinding off any excess material and then shotblasting.

'Recycle' used moulding sand to repeat procedure.

Advantages of Sand Casting

Relatively low equipment costs

Largest size of casting possible by common casting methods.

Most versatile casting process for complex shaped components of large or small quantities.

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