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Welcome to Starcast Alloys

A Long Foundry Tradition

Starcast Alloys is a family business handed down from father to son since Grandfather William Charles Long started his own foundry in Ewell, Surrey back in 1949. Here he produced copper based alloy casting for meter manufacturers, pump and filtration equipment for fluid and fuel management systems.

But our history in the foundry trade really began in London with William's father, (also called William) who, until the Great War of 1914-1918, worked along with his brother as a moulder for Stones Foundry in Deptford, where young William also served his apprenticeship.

In 1952, and now joined by his son Malcolm on the completion of his National Service, William moved to larger premises in Epsom. It was here that Malcolm formed Starcast Alloys in 1968, still continuing with the copper alloy casting for their existing customers, but now also progressing into aluminium alloy casting.

Malcolm moved the foundry away from Epsom to Slough in 1970 where he in turn was joined by his son Geoff in 1980.

Continuing to follow in over 100 years of their family tradition of sandcasting aluminium and copper alloys for various industries, Geoff and Malcolm Long relocated to Okehampton in Devon in 2000 and Starcast continues for a fourth generation.

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